EWE is one of Germany's largest municipal enterprises.
The Ems-Weser-Elbe Versorgungs- und Entsorgungsverband (EWE-Verband) is an alliance formed of 21 cities and districts in the Ems/Weser/Elbe region.
Through its associated municipal companies, the EWE-Verband indirectly holds a majority share in EWE, which is a non-listed public company. Weser-Ems-Energiebeteiligungen GmbH (WEE) holds a 64 per cent stake in the company, and Energieverband Elbe-Weser Beteiligungsholding GmbH (EEW) holds 20 per cent.
EWE itself holds 10 per cent. EnBW Energie Baden Württemberg AG will have fully pulled out of its 6 per cent share by the end of 2019. EWE is currently looking for a new strategic partner.