Clear guidelines for maximum integrity

We are aware that EWE bears a particularly high degree of responsibility in the regions in which it operates, and is therefore in the public eye. The integrity and high transparency of business processes are fundamental to business success. Accordingly, compliance is a core topic and is consistently implemented throughout the company.

We consider compliance to not only be the strict adherence to all laws and regulations, but also acting in the interest of sustainability, fairness and security, and in accordance with the values of our company culture. These principles are held and defined in detail within the EWE Code of Conduct, which forms the overriding framework regulating all actions within the Group.

EWE Code of Conduct (pdf, 754 KB)

We require our suppliers to match our level of integrity and to coomply with our Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers (pdf, 1,4 MB)

EWE's compliance organisation monitoring and safeguarding the adherence to the Code of Conduct can be reached at

Tel:+49 441 4805-3112
Fax:+49 441 4805-3179

The internal compliance organisation is assisted by an external lawyer. Everyone can approach this neutral ombudsman whenever they believe that the rules have been breached. By virtue of his position, the lawyer is bound by confidentiality rules and will only transmit anonymous case information for the purpose of investigating the circumstances.

Contact Ombudsman:

Jörn Beyer, Lawyer
Lüerstraße 10-12
D-30175 Hannover

Tel.: +49 511 854 04-654
Fax: +49 511 854 04-19