EWE’s policy positions

At EWE, our innovations make everyday life easier so that as many people as possible can benefit from the technical opportunities of our time. We continuously invest in green technologies and digital participation so that we can provide future impetus that impacts people’s lives.

A reliable political and regulatory basis is absolutely essential for the expansion and operation of modern infrastructure that we are carrying out, as well as the associated services. As a pioneer in renewable energies with expertise in IT and telecommunications, EWE is headquartered in a region where the energy revolution is already a reality. As a result, EWE is in constant dialogue with decision-makers in the EU, in Berlin, Hanover and locally in the municipalities, many of which are connected to us as shareholders through EWE-Verband. In our discussions, we try to present politicians with solutions for tomorrow’s climate-neutral energy supply system and digitalisation – transparently, practically and based on facts.

At EWE, climate protection is a commitment. We have focused from the start on renewable energies and on their integration into smart grids, and we have developed climate-friendly mobility and storage solutions. We have frequently explored new paths, for example, with onshore and offshore wind energy, modern battery storage systems and the installation of e-charging points. We are proud of these successes. But we also know that we need to take further steps to keep our world habitable, which is why EWE aims to be the first integrated hydrogen supplier that is active across the entire value chain. It is why we continue to make massive investments in the expansion of onshore wind energy, why we are investing billions in fibre optic expansion through Fibre Nordwest, and it’s why we’re pursuing the goal of climate neutrality by 2035.

Our areas of focus
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