Bonds and rating

EWE AG uses international capital markets for external financing. In October 2020, EWE issued a 12-year bond with a volume of EUR 500 million and in June 2021 a new bond, the first EWE Green Bond, with a 7-year term and also a volume of EUR 500 million. As a result of a bond buyback in June 2016, the volume of the bond issued in 2009 was reduced to € 464 Mio.

Please find below an overview of the bonds which have been issued by the EWE AG.

EWE AG 2020/2032 EWE AG 2021/2028
Security code no.  A3H2TW
Maturity 22 Nov 2032 08 Jun 2028
Volume 500.0m EUR 500.0m EUR
Nominal amount 1,000.00 1,000.00
Nominal interest p.a. 0.375 % 0.250 %
Interest payment date 22 Nov 08 Jun

EWE is rated by the international agency Moody’s. A positive credit rating is an important prerequisite for successful capital market transactions of EWE.

Currently, Moody’s rates EWE as follows:
Corporate Rating: Baa1  
Outlook: stable
Analyst: Mark Remshardt
Date: 7th July 2023

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