Bonds and rating

EWE AG uses international debt capital markets. In October 2004, EWE placed a euro bond with a 15-year maturity and a volume of € 500 million. In July 2009, EWE issued a 12-year bond with a volume of € 500 million. Another euro bond with a volume of € 500 million and a 9-year maturity was issued by EWE in November 2011. As a result of a bond buyback in June 2016, the volume was reduced for each bond.

Please find below an overview of the bonds which have been issued by the EWE AG.


  EWE AG 2004/2019
EWE AG 2009/2021
EWE AG 2011/2020
ISIN DE000A0DLU69 DE000A0Z2A12 XS0699330097
Security code no.  A0DLU6 A0Z2A1 A1K0ZZ
Maturity 14 Oct 2019 16 July 2021 4 Nov 2020
Volume* 372.4m EUR 463.9m EUR 365.3m EUR
Nominal amount 1,000.00 1,000.00 1,000.00
Nominal interest p.a. 4.875 % 5.250 % 4.125 %
Interest payment date 14 Oct 16 July 4 Nov


* reduced by retirement in June 2016.

EWE is rated by the international agency Moody’s. A positive credit rating is an important prerequisite for successful capital market transactions of EWE.

Currently, Moody’s rates EWE as follows:
Corporate Rating: Baa1  
Outlook: stable
Analyst: Charles Berckmann
Date: 8 July 2019