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Sustainability - part of our strategy and corporate culture

For us, sustainability means thinking in terms of decades and also acting in the interests of the generations to come in our efforts to address key topics. Our business decisions are aimed at creating concrete benefits for people, protecting the planet and its resources, and generating added value for society at large.

This is based on our conviction that sustainable success is achieved whenever positive contributions are made on an economic, as well as on an ecological and social level.
For this reason, responsibilities that go beyond what is merely economic are an integral part of EWE’s corporate culture.

So, sustainability isn’t a just a box to tick for us, it is integral to our both our inward and outward strategic focus. EWE sees it as its duty to promote and develop sustainable solutions and green technologies and to ensure that people are supplied with energy, mobility and means of communication.

For this reason, EWE has been actively shaping the energy supply system of the future for many years and making an ambitious contribution towards achieving climate targets. The need to continuously drive these developments is clearer to us than ever before.

What EWE does: our most important non-financial topics

The sustainability team identifies the key non-financial issues for the company and its stakeholders at regular intervals and derives measures from them. EWE is currently active in these areas:

Integrity and EWE

For us, entrepreneurial activity is synonymous with integrity and honest, lawful business operations. We are keenly aware that integrity is the material requirement for our commercial success and plays a part in reducing legal and economic risks.

Compliant conduct is therefore an essential foundation for the entire EWE Group that forms the basis for the trust and satisfaction of our customers and partners.
In the face of the increasing digitalisation of business, data protection, information security and cybersecurity are also becoming ever more important. EWE places great value on ensuring that personal data is handled carefully and not misused and on preventing the unauthorised access of company data. This as a crucial requirement for developing data-based business models and operating a secure, reliable and effective energy supply system.

An equally important component of our corporate responsibility is the preservation of human rights. In our business activities, we implement the applicable laws and respect internationally recognised human rights standards. In the course of our business activities, we strive to prevent any potential human rights violations.

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Environment and EWE

Protecting the environment and the climate are of equally great importance for society and the economy. As an energy service provider, EWE bears a particular responsibility in this area and, together with other energy suppliers, is faced with the major task of facilitating the energy revolution with a reliable energy supply system and fulfilling its service obligation at the same time.
In December 2020, this responsibility prompted the company to adopt the target of becoming climate neutral by 2035. Protecting the climate and the environment and conserving resources is already part of everyday practice. EWE strives to continuously reduce its internal energy consumption, minimise other adverse effects of our business activities on the environment, and promote biodiversity.

Ultimately, energy efficiency and renewable energies are the key to climate neutrality. We are systematically expanding the proportion of electricity that we generate from renewable energy sources so that we can help bring about the energy revolution effectively and further reduce the energy sector’s carbon footprint. In this way, EWE combines its economic success with its responsibility for protecting the environment and the climate.

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EWE has incorporated its renewable energy activities in Alterric GmbH, a joint venture of EWE and the Aloys Wobben Foundation. Alterric promotes climate-friendly energy generation.

Employees and EWE

EWE’s long-term success as a company depends on the passion, commitment, expertise and health of our employees. As a result, it is particularly important to prioritise fair and attractive working conditions, maintain a HR strategy that meets the needs of today and provide opportunities for further training.
In addition, EWE has set high standards to promote the health of its employees and provide them with a working environment conducive to their health and well-being. We also expect our business partners to comply with these standards.

We value responsive and fair cooperation and have laid down this requirement in our Code of Conduct, which our companies are committed to, as are our employees.

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Kunden und Soziales
Customers and social involvement

EWE considers its infrastructure to be the backbone of its future business. In addition to the security of supply of electricity and gas to our customers, this includes expanding the broadband network, which will enable digital participation for the people in our regions.

The energy revolution and the necessary expansion of renewable energies present EWE with the challenge of integrating decentralised and volatile energy production facilities into the network. The infrastructural service obligation is also becoming more comprehensive and challenging as a result of sectors being linked and the growing demand for broadband.
EWE is working continuously to upgrade its infrastructure and make it more efficient in order to create a secure, reliable, climate-friendly and intelligent energy supply system. Through climate-friendly and innovative products and services, customers will be empowered to use renewable energies efficiently and produce them themselves. EWE also assumes regional responsibility in a number of ways – in particular through sponsoring activities, the EWE school mobile and a variety of sport and cultural foundations.

Science Based Targets initiative confirms EWE targets to reduce greenhouse gases

For many years now, EWE has actively committed to a sustainable and climate-friendly approach to our environment and the resources available to us. This involves consistently investing in the future-oriented, sustainable development of the world of energy. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has now scientifically confirmed our ambitious targets for a strong reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: compared to the base year 2018, we will reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 65% by 2030, and our Scope 3 emissions by more than 30% by 2030.

For us, climate protection is not a trend but a responsibility and a duty we owe to future generations. This is what we at EWE are committed to. Stefan Dohler, Chief Executive Officer of EWE

The SBTi’s comprehensive review of our emissions reduction targets officially shows that they are in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. According to the agreement, 195 signing parties have agreed that global warming must not exceed the limit of 1.5°C. With our targets, we at EWE are making an important contribution from the energy sector.

The Science Based Targets initiative is a partnership of the Carbon Disclosure Project, the United Nations Global Compact, the World Resources Institute and the World Wide Fund for Nature that defines best practices for science-based corporate goal-setting and evaluates it on an independent basis. The criteria for corporate validating emission reduction targets are regularly adjusted to the latest findings of climate research.

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EWE wants to shape the future of the energy revolution with innovative approaches. Learn more about our approaches and targets on this journey.

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