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Sustainability at EWE

Together for the environment and society

At EWE, sustainability is seen as an integral part of our corporate activities. We do not do this to merely make our contribution to achieving the climate targets, we also holistically attach our responsibility towards future generations to everything we do. EWE is therefore committed to upholding human rights, inter alia, and already generates more than 65% of its energy from renewable energy sources.

100percent eco-power in the basic supply
5,79percent average downtime per connection per year
23,5percent of the top management level are women at EWE AG
75,9percent share of electricity from renewable energies

in the networks of EWE NETZ, wesernetz Bremen and wesernetz Bremerhaven

93,5percent health rate
75,15percent specific CO₂ reduction in electricity production

(compared to 2018)

Our commitment to sustainability is based on our conviction that sustainable success is achieved whenever positive contributions are made on an economic, as well as on an ecological and social level. For this reason, responsibilities that go beyond what is merely economic are an integral part of EWE’s corporate culture.

EWE sees it as its duty to promote and develop sustainable solutions and green technologies as well as to ensure that people are supplied with energy, mobility and means of communication. This creates a strong connection between EWE and sustainability.

For this reason, EWE has been actively shaping the energy supply system of the future for many years and making an ambitious contribution towards achieving climate and sustainability targets. The need to continuously drive these developments is clearer to us than ever before.

Sustainability approach and management Reports and voluntary commitments Sustainable financing

This is also part of it: climate-neutral EWE

Bild von der EWE Kampagne "Wir Hier Jetzt 2035"

EWE has set itself the goal of becoming climate-neutral in Scopes 1 and 2 by 2035 and achieving a 50% reduction in emissions in the upstream Scope 3 and a 65% reduction in emissions in the downstream Scope 3. This will require a variety of measures. The most important areas of action for us are the development of sustainable generation – including an energy infrastructure suitable for the energy revolution – and the creation of climate-neutral products and services. 

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