Financial and non-financial value drivers contribute to the success of our company.
We report how we create value – economic, ecological and societal value – by the
following resources: environment, plants and networks, know-how, employees,
social aspects and relationships and finance.


As a company actively involved in shaping the German energy turnaround, we want to promote energy generation from renewable sources. We develop solutions to balance out the fluctuations in renewable energy generation caused by the weather and ensure a reliable energy supply at all times. However, it goes without saying that we strive to treat our environment responsibly. We monitor and reduce our energy consumption throughout our Group, we make our employees aware of the impact of what they do and we train them in energy-related aspects that are of significance to the environment. We are working hard to cut the CO2 emissions from our own electricity generation activities. We are applying our expertise to develop environmentally friendly solutions and energy-saving products.

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Plants and networks

The expansion of renewable energy and changing customer expectations are making it necessary to restructure and increase the flexibility of the infrastructure that we, as a service provider, make available. We face up to the regional challenges and fit our power grid with intelligent monitoring technology. We are seizing the opportunities presented by digitisation. By systematically integrating energy, telecommunications and information technology, we can pave the way for cutting-edge, smart energy systems. We guarantee security of supply with our power generation plants and gas storage facilities.

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Know How

We apply our decades of experience in the fields of energy, telecommunications and information technology. This experience has given us a profound understanding of connections and processes in the energy sector. Our research and development work is focused on innovative, new business models that will increase the potential revenue of EWE and provide our customers with better value. To this end we are steadily pooling our expertise from the fields in which we operate and merging it with what we learn through strategic partnerships. This will enable us to develop holistic solutions in a connected, digital energy landscape.

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Energy, telecommunications and information technology provide a diverse field of activity and variedopportunities for an average of 9,048 EWE employees. The success of the Group is the result of theirskills and motivation. Our employees undergo continuous development in order to survive in a sector characterized by rapid developments and intense competition. In the face of change processes and sometimes challenging conditions, EWE strives to remain an attractive employer in the future.

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Social aspects and relationships

Everything we do is centred on the trust and satisfaction of our customers – be they private households, business customers or municipalities. Our increasingly digitised world is causing customer requirements to change fundamentally. By carrying out studies and surveys we can keep ourselves up to date regarding trends and expectations. This way we can keep close to our customers and provide them with an excellent service. Our relations with suppliers and the public are characterised by the values we have defined for EWE and by transparency and a focus on dialogue.

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We use our financial strength and finance management to finance our operative business and our growth.The energy sector is on the precipice of an unprecedented transition. Traditional business models featuring large fossil and nuclear power plants will die out. The focus will shift to decentralised, renewable energy, investments in grid infrastructure and new digital customer solutions. EWE’s strategy aims to build the leading energy company in northern Germany by 2026. To do so we need a solid financial basis.

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