Sustainability - part of our strategy and corporate culture

For us, sustainability means thinking in terms of decades and also acting in the interests of the generations to come in our efforts to address key topics. Our business decisions are aimed at creating concrete benefits for people, protecting the planet and its resources, and generating added value for society at large.

EWE engagement: Our key non-financial topics

The sustainability team performs a regular materiality analysis to identify the material non-financial issues for EWE and its stakeholders. The analysis builds the basis for our actions. EWE is currently active in the following areas:


For us, entrepreneurial activity is synonymous with integrity and honest, lawful business operations. We are keenly aware that integrity is the material requirement for our commercial success and plays a part in reducing legal and economic risks.

Compliant conduct is therefore an essential foundation for the entire EWE Group that forms the basis for the trust and satisfaction of our customers and partners.

Furthermore, the constant increase in digitalisation means that data protection, information security and cybersecurity are playing an increasingly important role in our business. EWE places great value on ensuring that the personal data of employees, customers and business partners is not misused and that the unauthorized access of company data is prohibited in any case. We regard this as a crucial requirement for developing data-based business models and operating a secure, reliable and effective energy supply system.

EWE also regards the preservation of human rights as a significant part of its corporate responsibility. We are committed to respecting and upholding human rights. In our business activities, we implement the applicable laws and advocate for internationally recognized human rights standards.  In the course of our business activities, we strive to prevent any potential human rights violations.

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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our century. It poses an unprecedented threat to economies and societies across the globe, meaning that effective changes are imperative. In Germany, EWE, together with other energy suppliers, is faced with the major task of facilitating the energy revolution with a reliable energy supply system while fulfilling its service obligation at the same time.

Therefore, in December 2020, we adopted the target of becoming climate-neutral by 2035. Although, protecting the environment and conserving resources are already part of our everyday practice: We continuously aim to cut our internal energy consumption, minimize other adverse effects on the environment, such as air pollution and widespread usage of resources, and promote biodiversity.

For us, energy efficiency and renewable energies are the key to climate neutrality. In order to effectively support the energy revolution and further reduce the energy sector’s CO2 footprint, we are systematically expanding the share of electricity that we generate from renewable energy sources. In this way, EWE combines economic success with responsibility for protecting the environment and climate.

EWE has contributed its renewable energy activities to Alterric Ltd., a joint venture between EWE and the Aloys Wobben Foundation. Alterric is driving the expansion of climate friendly energy production

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Alterric, a joint venture between the Aloys Wobben Stiftung and the EWE AG, promotes climate-friendly energy generation.


EWE’s longterm success as a company depends on the passion, commitment, expertise and health of our employees. As a result, it is particularly important to prioritise fair and attractive working conditions, maintain a HR strategy that meets the needs of today and provide opportunities for further training.

In addition, we have set high standards to promote the health of our employees and provide them with a working environment conducive to their health and well-being. We also expect our business partners to comply with these standards. We value responsive and fair cooperation and have laid down this requirement in our Code of Conduct, which our companies and employees are committed to.

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Customers and social involvement
Kunden und Soziales

We consider our infrastructure to be the backbone of our future business. This includes both the security of supply of electricity and gas to our customers and the broadband network expansion that will enable digital participation for the people in our regions.

Due to the energy revolution and the necessary expansion of renewable energies, we are faced with the challenge of integrating decentralised and volatile energy production facilities into the network. The infrastructural service obligation is also becoming more comprehensive and challenging as a result of sectors being linked and the growing demand for broadband.

We are therefore continuously working to upgrade our infrastructure and make it more efficient in order to create a secure, reliable, climate-friendly and intelligent energy supply system. Climate-friendly and innovative products and services enable customers to use renewable energies efficiently and produce them themselves. EWE also assumes regional responsibility in a variety of ways – in particular through its sponsoring commitment, the EWE school mobile and various sports and cultural engagements

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EWE wants to shape the energy revolution with innovative approaches. Learn more here.

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