Zwei Hände halten Puzzle-Stücke in die Luft We make innovation a part of everyday life

EWE strategy

For many years now, EWE has successfully combined the business fields of energy, telecommunications and IT, and is thus well-placed to harness the opportunities resulting from the energy turnaround and digitalisation as well as play an active role in shaping these two trends.

With its 2018 strategy, EWE is laying the foundations for the Group’s future focus as a provider of innovative solutions for the people in EWE’s home regions. In the long term, the company will thus become a service provider which realises a significant portion of its earnings by means of holistic services and products relating to energy, communication, networked data and mobility.

EWE is carefully monitoring its customers’ needs, developments on the markets and changing conditions – since work on our strategic direction is a continuous process.

Our vision: we make innovation a part of everyday life.

Frau auf einem Balkon vor ihrem Laptop
Our activities are guided by our customers’ needs

For us, customer relationships based on trust are the foundation for integrating customers into our networks and providing access to complex solutions. Our activities are focused on our customers, and we are their first point of contact. On their behalf, we reduce complexity, bundle products and, in doing so, offer them uncomplicated and innovative solutions.

Windrad auf einer Wiese vor einem Kreisverkehr
We operate modern and efficient infrastructure in our home regions

As the backbone of our future business, our infrastructure is becoming more modern and efficient. This includes further expanding and operating our networks, enhancing our smart infrastructure and meeting the basic needs of our customers and partners with our regional range of services.

Frau mit Kind vor Windenergieanlagen
By combining electricity, heat, telecommunications and mobility, we are driving the energy turnaround

EWE sees itself as a driving force behind the energy turnaround and will further expand the business fields of energy, mobility and telecommunications. This also includes new digitalised business models and the intelligent use of data to provide customers with individual solutions in the areas of energy, mobility, communications and innovation.

Hand hält Smartphone in der Hand
We link data intelligently and securely for our customers’ benefit

The availability of data is our foundation for developing data-based business models. This includes extracting relevant data from internal and external sources and processes and forging trust-based relationships with our customers and partners by guaranteeing a high level of data security. In this way, we generate digital added value and comprehensive expertise on data networking in order to offer customers individualised solutions.

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Our knowledge, strength in implementation and result-driven focus are what the future needs

We will enhance our company’s performance and make our cost structures more competitive. To achieve this, we will increase our efficiency and effectiveness and improve our internal processes and cost structures. In addition, we will enter the market faster with new ideas and products and identify solutions that can be scaled up easily if they are successful.

Personen um einen Tisch mit gestapelten Händen
EWE will continue to change and focus on new partnerships

An increasingly dynamic market requires companies to continuously adapt. EWE firmly believes that diversity in practice is the key to innovative solutions. As part of our strategy, we are therefore aiming to work together in a more digital, agile and collective way in the future. This also means no longer doing everything by ourselves, but instead focusing more on partnerships.

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