EWE – pioneering the supply of sustainable energy

EWE has been largely focused on the energy sector for over ninety years. This market is now going through a period of profound transformation. Climate protection, digital participation and an increasingly competitive environment are bringing about a whole new set of challenges for energy infrastructure, generation and products, while also opening up significant opportunities.

As a full-service provider, EWE covers the entire value chain – from generation through to distribution networks and sales – with a sustainable energy mix, modern infrastructure, innovative products and a comprehensive range of services.

Unlike fossil fuels, wind, water, solar and biomass are sustainable, and will form the backbone of our climate-friendly electricity and heating networks as the German energy turnaround progresses. EWE is leading the charge in Germany and wants to keep it that way. The company wants to be climate-neutral by 2035.

EWE was one of the first to grasp the importance of renewable energies and has been committed to expanding their use since the 1980s. The company combines this pioneering spirit with a wealth of technical expertise.

EWE demonstrates this experience and its commitment to a sustainable energy future in partnerships with developers, municipal utilities and energy associations. It also commits itself to projects developed in dialogue with local authorities and citizens.

Europe’s most stable energy networkNetworks are the link between energy generation and consumers, and have a key role to play in the energy supply of the future. EWE’s wealth of experience and commitment to using cutting-edge technology have made the company’s ultra-efficient electricity and natural gas networks the most reliable in Europe.

  • Electricity networks covering approx. 94,000 km, gas networks approx. 63,000 km
  • Over 95% of electricity in the network comes from renewable energies
  • Less disruption than any other electricity network in Europe

As the energy turnaround continues, more and more of the electricity in EWE’s networks is being generated by sustainable facilities – well over 90 per cent of the electricity transported by EWE NETZ comes from renewable energies.

We use intelligent control and measurement equipment throughout our networks to make the most efficient use of fluctuating wind and solar energy as it accounts for an ever-increasing proportion of the energy mix.

EWE has always been committed to helping its customers be efficient and save energy. There is increasing demand for solutions which reduce emissions and energy consumption, such as contracting services which provide a no-risk way for households, businesses and local authorities to make the switch to more efficient technology without the need for significant investment.

Leading the way on sustainable products and servicesEWE has always been quick to offer its customers environmentally friendly alternatives. In the 1960s, the company was the first energy supplier in Germany to offer natural gas as a greener substitute for crude oil and coal. The Group started building up its own eco-power product line in the 1990s. EWE subsidiary swb now supplies sustainable district heating to one in six households in Bremen. EWE is also a pioneer in the field of sustainable mobility. The company has the densest network of charging points in northwest Germany. We are also committed to building a hydrogen economy. Our flagship project is a storage cavern in Rüdersdorf. We want to promote hydrogen as an energy source and play a pivotal role in its future.

Group subsidiaries EWE WASSER and hanseWasser focus on wastewater disposal and purification. The used water processed at their cutting-edge wastewater purification plants in Bremen and Lower Saxony has contaminant levels far below legally prescribed limits. EWE companies share their expertise with local authorities and other operators, and advise them on how to manage their water facilities in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

High-speed service for our customersEWE is one of Germany’s largest regional telecommunications service providers. Almost 700,000 customers use telecommunications products provided by EWE Group companies. EWE provides a full range of modern telecommunications services for households, businesses and institutions – from landline and mobile services through to high-speed internet, online TV, data centre services and communication infrastructure consultations. Digitisation is accelerating. EWE recognised this trend early on and has long been one of the leading players in this area in northwest Germany.

The Group is the largest broadband provider with its own network infrastructure in northwest Germany. Modern fibre optic networks are bringing high-speed internet to rural areas and speeding up the transfer of data to intelligent energy supply systems. EWE is also a regional partner for trade and industry and is helping local authorities to meet the federal government’s broadband targets and build a gigabit society.

High-speed internet for more than

  • 1 million households and companies
  • Network longer than 52,000 km
  • Over 70% of the network is fibre
  • Glasfaser Nordwest is investing 2 billion euros in expanding the fibre optic network

Over 70 per cent of EWE network is high-speed fibre. Glasfaser Nordwest is a joint venture between EWE and Telekom Deutschland. It will be investing two billion euros in expanding the fibre optic network in EWE TEL’s marketing area in northwest Germany.

Outstanding IT solutionsIf modern energy and telecommunication systems are the nerves, IT is the brain. EWE’s subsidiary BTC was established in 2000, and is now one of the leading providers of information technology services in Germany.

  • One of the top 25 IT providers in Germany
  • 14 sites worldwide

Well-established regional networks and the synergies between the energy, telecommunications and information technology sectors are driving this success

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