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Your personal development with us

#MakingTomorrow – Focus, Orientation, Xpedition

Personal development is key to a healthy corporate culture at EWE, and to every employee's satisfaction with their professional and private lives. In life and at work, we are constantly confronted with changes, to which we must always have new answers ready. To rise to the challenge of these situations, it's vital that we remain curious, and that we continue to learn and develop our skills.

Personal development as a movement

And so, at the beginning of 2016, we asked ourselves: What if personal development was not a standardized seminar, but a movement? Something that helps you take your next step, no matter where you are at the moment. Movement happens because someone is starting or demonstrating something. Someone begins, others follow. That's why we started doing things differently, which led us to develop FOX.


FOX stands for Focus, Orientation and Xpedition

FOX is an invitation to everyone at EWE

If you're ready to take your next step, FOX is right for you. You can do it as a manager, an administrator, a project manager, an expert, or in any other role. In our work, we've identified three distinct values that set FOX apart for us:


It is your job to look to the future. What would you like to focus on? What aspects of your life would you like to enhance? 


Start exploring to find new information. What resources can deepen your understanding of your topic and address your concerns more effectively? 


It's up to you to take the first step and experiment on your own. What's the first thing you can do to get going in the next few days? 

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Free will

Of course, you can't develop personally if you're not motivated. This is why using FOX is your decision. 


Put your heart into it and have fun with it. Unlike traditional seminars with PowerPoint presentations, we take a unique approach. 


No one does it alone. Instead, you work in a learning partnership, or with a lot of people in one of our unique formats.  

What FOX offers

FOX has a broad portfolio to offer you. We don't know where you are or what you need right now. But you do. You can choose exactly what you need from this portfolio to make your next move.  

Development Zone

Once a month, we host a FOX Development Zone. Based on a stimulating prompt that touches on subjects that vary each month, we give you the opportunity to get involved, either by exchanging ideas with others or taking the time to focus on yourself. Our goal is to provide you with exciting knowledge and a network within the Group.  

Teams channel

In this space, we frequently offer brief inspirations and challenges for your path forward. These are little ideas and tasks that show how you can try personal development out in your everyday life, right now. 

Xpedition I & II

Our FOX Xpeditions are our personal development video courses. Presented in two sets of eight videos, they delve into the topics of self-leadership and moving people. This lets you engage in personal development whenever and wherever you want.  

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And much more

We have also developed fact sheets, notebooks, card sets, and much more. We make them available to our employees so that every type of learner can take their first step toward personal development.  

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