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We deliver variety and long-term prospects

We deliver variety and long-term prospects

The EWE Group is primarily owned by local government. It is active in the field of gas and electricity services in northwestern Germany, Brandenburg, northern West Pomerania and on the island of Rügen.  Our telecommunications solutions are additionally available in several areas of North Rhine-Westphalia, while our subsidiary BTC markets its IT services on an international level.

EWE is also active in the energy sector in Poland, where we operate respective holding companies.

Take a look at our career pages, and learn about the range of vacancies at the following Group companies:

  • EWE AG, based in Oldenburg, Germany, is the EWE Group’s holding company. It oversees the subsidiaries, coordinates their activities and provides cross-company services.
  • EWE VERTRIEB GmbH handles our sales activities for electricity, natural gas and energy-related services.
  • EWE TEL is among the largest regional telecommunications companies in Germany, and it is pressing ahead with expanding the country’s broadband network.
  • EWE NETZ GmbH manages Europe’s most reliable electricity and gas network while also taking care of the telecommunications and drinking water infrastructure.
  • Working on an international scale, Business Technology Consulting AG (BTC) is where our information technology specialists offer consultancy, systems integration, systems management and software products.
  • EWE WASSER GmbH is responsible for the environmentally friendly transportation and purification of wastewater produced by a population of around 1 million in the Ems/Weser/Elbe region.
  • EWE GASSPEICHER GmbH operates and leases the EWE Group’s gas storage facilities.
  • EWE TRADING GmbH oversees our energy trading activities and forms a link to the wholesale markets.
  • EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN GmbH focuses on renewable energies. It develops and operates plants for generating electricity from renewable sources such as wind, biomass, photovoltaics and hydropower.
  • EWE Offshore Service & Solutions GmbH (OSS) provides consultancy and support services for customers involved in offshore wind farm projects.

The structure of the EWE Group