Außengebäude und Eingang der EWE-Konzernzentrale

Pioneer in climate protection and digital participation

EWE uses its expertise to create the best energy supply system for the future and optimal solutions for every customer. In so doing, we focus on profitable partnerships and seize opportunities in new markets. For us, digitalisation is the prerequisite for economic success and quality of life.

  • Approximately 1.4 million electricity customers
  • Approximately 700,000 gas customers
  • Approximately 700,000 telecommunications customers

EWE is active in the business areas of energy, telecommunications and information technology. With over 10,000 employees and sales of EUR 10 billion in 2023, EWE is one of the largest utility companies in Germany. The company, based in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, is primarily owned by the local government.

The energy supply of the future needs new approaches – and the courage to take them.

EWE plays a pioneering role in the areas of climate protection and digital participation. To this end, the Group will invest over one billion euros in the expansion of the fibre-optic infrastructure in the coming years and four billion euros in the erection of new wind turbines.

EWE focuses on the interaction of renewable energies, smart grids and solutions for efficient, flexible energy use. For instance, EWE is a leader in the development of an integrated hydrogen economy.

Windkraftanlagen und PV-Module im Sonnenuntergang
Shaping the future - that is what we expect from ourselves. We recognized early on that the energy supply of the future will be renewable. Our long experience now pays off twice. We are pioneers in the energy transition.

EWE and its regions

EWE’s roots lie in northwest Germany, where the Group has developed into a specialist for energy and telecommunications supply.

Since 1990, EWE has also applied this expertise in Brandenburg, northern West Pomerania and Rügen, where it established a modern natural gas infrastructure. Today, EWE also provides electricity and telecommunications in Rügen, and supports the use of bioenergy.

Through its partnership with swb, Bremen and Bremerhaven have been EWE Group business regions since 2009. EWE has been active in energy trading and natural gas supply in Poland since 1999.

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