EWE Schoolmobile

Would you like to give your class the opportunity to try their hand at technology and to tinker with the topic of energy? The EWE Schoolmobile is just what you're looking for.

Explore renewable energies right at your school

Das EWE Schulmobil steht vor der EWE ARENA in Oldenburg. MORITZ WIDZGOWSKI

In keeping with the motto "Your energy for tomorrow", EWE Schoolmobiles bring hands-on learning to your school. You and your class can immerse yourselves in the world of renewable energies, engage in discussions, discover new things and tinker with construction kits.

The truck, equipped with mobile workshops that include measuring kits, media and extensive visual aids, pulls up directly at your school. These materials can transform almost any space into a workshop. One class goes through the programme each morning. The EWE team welcomes the class to the Schoolmobile and introduces the project. After you get acquainted, it's time to start tinkering!

The highlight is working with the mobile workshops, which are set up in the school classrooms. There the students get busy on their energy models with soldering irons, drills and screwdrivers. Secondary school students can work on a number of key themes:

  • Renewable energies: wind/solar
  • Energy conversion
  • Saving energy
  • CO2 reduction

Finally, pupils use a wind tunnel and other tools to take various measurements in the Schoolmobile. This allows them to test their self-built wind turbines and computer-controlled anemometers. After regular lessons, particularly enthusiastic students can participate in a voluntary afternoon activity where they work for two days to construct a high-tech vehicle in a small group. Their "EWE Buggy" will feature collision detection, a disco mode and remote control. This opportunity serves primarily as career orientation.

A practical learning concept and an extracurricular partnership

EWE Schulmobil im Einsatz an einer Schule

Independent, project-based learning is becoming increasingly important in the school curriculum. In close cooperation with the "Education for Technology and Nature" extracurricular learning centre in Wilhelmshaven, we have developed a learning concept that supports this methodology and solidifies the long-term learning of material.

The programme is aimed at grades seven to ten but can be adapted for higher grade levels upon individual agreement. The subjects are particularly relevant for physics, technology, work and labour studies, and economics classes. The Schoolmobile is barrier-free. There is no charge to schools for booking the truck, with the exception of the cost of materials for constructing the energy models.

The 15-metre-long truck requires a large space and a power connection. To ensure that your school has a suitable space for the EWE Schoolmobile, we offer on-site inspections. If your school does not have a suitable parking space, we will find alternative ways to deliver and set up the mobile workshops.

Das Titelbild der Schulbrosch├╝re von EWE zeigt Windkraftanlagen in der Region.
Renewable Energy for every Subject

Our brochure brings renewable energy into every school subject, from physics to English, from politics to art. Full of learning content and activities for lower secondary education, it inspires students to delve even deeper into the topic of renewable energy. With a variety of teaching activities and content, new skills are developed.

With our diverse teaching inspirations, you can cover the topic of renewable energy comprehensively. Bring variety to your classroom! Simply download it as a PDF here.

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