The path to the future of energy

Shaping the future
Stefan Dohler, Vorstandsvorsitzender EWE AG

We stand at the threshold of a transformative era as we shift towards green technologies. The challenge ahead lies in financing investments in the future of energy largely through our own economic performance while remaining competitive. Along the way, we want to take people with us and provide them with our services.Together, we can make northwest Germany the "Ruhr Valley of tomorrow" – but this time keep it clean. Stefan Dohler, Chief Executive Officer of EWE AG

Kind mit kleinem Windrad und Hut

Status quo

It's clear that we are on the path to the energy future that is urgently required. EWE is committed to actively participating in the design of energy supply, bringing our decades of experience to the table, and being aware of the resulting responsibility. To benefit from the experience we've already gained, we take a look at the development up to now and the status quo. 

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Unternehmerin gibt Person die Hand

Legal requirements

The path to the energy future and the associated transformation of the energy world require not only investment, but also strong cooperation between politics and business. Only with the right legal framework and appropriate conditions can the necessary goals for the energy transition and the preservation of a livable and sustainable future be achieved. We are seeking dialogue with decision-makers at all levels to achieve this goal.

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The path to the goal

What should the future of energy look like? What does this mean for the northwest of Germany and what particular goals does EWE pursue? We have answers to all these questions, because for us the energy transition is not a dream of the future, but everyday business. Our daily work involves shaping the future of energy, achieving our own goals, and contributing to climate protection. Today. Tomorrow. For generations. 

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