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Moving together into the digital age

Digitalisation has become an integral part of our everyday lives. This entails profound changes. Digital transformation means opportunities and risks at the same time. EWE is well aware of this and is playing a key role in shaping digitalisation in the northwest of Germany.

For us, digital participation is not an empty slogan, it is a promise from the region for the region. In the years to come, EWE will invest more than two billion euros in expanding its high-speed internet network. The digitalisation of schools is also of vital importance to us. This is how we live up to our regional and social responsibility.

Moving together into the digital jungle

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What is the connection between digitalisation and the energy revolution?

The connections are strong, because both areas are essential if we are to live sustainably and in a more climate-conscious way. We can only make all the different areas of life more positive by adopting new and innovative approaches. And achieving this goal is exactly what drives EWE! As the Group is always on the lookout for potential investment opportunities, we want to digitalise the energy revolution and give people the opportunity to be a part of it every day. This will ultimately also contribute to greater sustainability and climate protection. For more information, please see Venture Capital. Our aim is to digitalise the everyday life of our customers, from fibre-optic connections to digital advice and service. Working together, we are bringing Germany’s northwest into the digital age.

Our areas of focus
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Our start-ups at the cutting edge

Innovative solutions have always been part of EWE. We are developing exciting ideas for the problems facing us in the digital age. Our start-ups are the best testimony to this. Our Early bird programme aims to provide a stage for our fledgling business models and give a voice to fellow employees who deal with the various problems of our time on a daily basis. This is how we combine digitalisation and climate protection!

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Investing in the future

Unconditionally digital – EWE is always looking for relevant investment fields. Sound interesting? More information and an overview of current investments can be found in the Venture Capital section. Are you looking for direct contacts? You can find these here as well.

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More topics related to digitalisation
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