16.02.2024 - EWE AG

"Together, we can advance the heat transition"

Energy service provider EWE and manufacturer Viessmann Climate Solutions cooperate

Oldenburg/Allendorf (Eder), 16 February 2024. The energy service provider EWE and the leading international energy technology manufacturer Viessmann Climate Solutions have signed a cooperation agreement to jointly advance the heat transition. The focus of the partnership is on the conversion of heating technology in the private and commercial sector with heat pumps.

Oliver Bolay, Managing Director of EWE Sales: "The course for a climate-neutral energy supply has been set at the political level for years. One focus in the transformation of the overall system is on the heating market, as this sector still accounts for around 40 percent of all CO2 emissions in Germany. A rethink and a conversion of the heating systems are therefore crucial. Energy companies, manufacturers and the skilled trades bear a special responsibility in this regard. We are therefore pleased to have Viessmann Climate Solutions as a partner at our side, with whom we can support homeowners in our home regions between the Ems, Weser and Elbe as well as in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in their private heat transition."

Dr. Frank Voßloh, Managing Director of Viessmann Germany, adds: "As a company, we are facing the once-in-a-century opportunity to sustainably change the energy supply, especially with heat pump technology. As a result, we expect heating costs to ease in the long term, because renewable energies ensure a much more calculable, cost-effective and stable supply in the medium to long term than fossil fuels, which will gradually become more expensive due to rising statutory levies and changes in the political framework. For the use of green energy technology, however, we as a manufacturer are dependent on close cooperation with energy service providers and craftsmen. That's why we're delighted to now be working with EWE to jointly advance the heat transition. Together, we can make a difference, especially in terms of climate protection for ourselves and for future generations."

Heat pumps for new and existing buildings

Heat pumps are considered a sustainable heating alternative in times of rising energy costs. In many new buildings, the technology is already standard and the most frequently installed heating system. A heat pump can also replace gas and oil heating systems in existing buildings. "We have adapted to this and are already making the change. We no longer connect new developments to the gas grid, instead our customers get heat pumps, photovoltaics and home storage or a connection to a heating network where this is available," reports Oliver Bolay. In addition, EWE has not been offering condensing boilers on a contracted basis since last year. Oliver Bolay is convinced that heat pumps or a connection to local or district heating networks are the best solution for the vast majority of customers. In most cases, they are superior to fossil alternatives in terms of energy efficiency and full costs. "We are prepared for this with an appropriate range of products and services with green energy technology," Oliver Bolay continues.

Heat pump installation within a few weeks

EWE's goal is to be able to meet the needs of its customers at short notice. According to Oliver Bolay, these depend on various framework conditions, such as legal regulations on the use of renewable energies in heating and subsidy mechanisms, as well as the individual local conditions of consumers. "We have therefore agreed on flexibilities with Viessmann in order to be able to react appropriately to market fluctuations." As a result of the partnership, EWE will have the appropriate technology at its disposal to be able to serve its customers quickly. Oliver Bolay: "Once the order has been placed, our customers should receive their heat pump within a few weeks. We are very well prepared for this thanks to a cooperative partnership with the regional trades, our own supporting installation companies EWE SERVICEPARTNER and TEWE, and now also through the cooperation with Viessmann Climate Solutions."

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