EWE TRADING GmbH handles the EWE Group's energy trading activities and acts as the Group's interface to the wholesale markets for electricity and natural gas, emissions rights (EUA and CER) and oil and gas price hedging. EWE TRADING allows the EWE Group to optimise its entire energy portfolio and offers its clients and partners a wide range of services, e.g. in portfolio- and accounting grid management.


As a leading market partner for renewable energy in Germany, the enterprise is supporting operators of wind- and solar parks nation-wide in marketing their energy.

EWE TRADING GmbH was established in 2012. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of EWE AG, based in Bremen, Germany.

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  • Board of Directors: Carsten Münch, Dr. Thomas Rupp
  • Trade Volume 2018 (ca.):  54,1 TWh electricity, 167 TWh gas

The 2014 German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) will further strengthen the position of renewable energies in the market, with the gradual introduction of mandatory subsidised direct marketing. Implementation involves the use of the market-premium model, whereby the decreasing remuneration path for new facilities will form the upper remuneration limit. Operators of existing facilities will still be able to decide between feed-in remuneration and direct marketing.

We market your wind and solar energy and remunerate you with the monthly average energy price. The market value of electricity varies from month to month. It is calculated and published by the transmission network operator. The difference between it and EEG remuneration is offset by the distribution system operator using the market premium. The total of the market value and market premium equals the facility-specific EEG feed-in remuneration.

Marketing by EWE TRADING means that we take complete responsibility for the administration activities and assume the marketing risk on your behalf. For existing facilities, we can even offer you a guaranteed surplus. You do not need to take care of invoicing and you can access the evaluation of your facility/facilities online at all times.

We perform the following services for you:
  • Registration and re-registration with your distribution system operator
  • Extremely precise wind and solar output forecasts
  • Wholesale marketing of electricity generated by your renewable energy facility
  • Balancing of energy volumes within the context of the market processes and regulatory requirements specified
  • Potential deviations between forecast and actual energy volume fed in (compensation energy)
  • Monthly calculations
  • Assistance with verifying the remote operability of your facility
  • Submission of documents to the distribution system operator

We have been assisting facility operators since the direct-marketing model began and can draw on the entire energy trading experience of the EWE Group. Our nationwide direct-marketing portfolio alone is managed by around 70 experts, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

The requirements of your facility:
  • Facility is eligible for subsidisation under the EEG
  • Technical capability to enable the direct marketer to reduce the feed-in capacity remotely and view the current feed-in levels
  • Technical capability to enable the network operator to reduce the feed-in capacity remotely in the event of a network overload and view the current feed-in levels
  • Notification of a scheduled shut-down of the facility or if operations at the facility are impaired (if possible)
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EWE TRADING GmbH publishes insider information in accordance with EU regulation 1227/2011 on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT) on the transparency platform of EEX: Power (
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