Tailwind for Renewable Energies

We focus on wind energy and smart energy solutions. Flexible conventional plants compensate fluctuations.

For an Efficient Future

More than just an utility provider - we help our customers to save energy and increasy efficiency

Energy for sustainability

In our sustainability strategy, we set clear goal and report on our progress in all relevant areas

Rural Areas are Key to the Energy Turnaround

Northwest Germany is leading the field: over 70 % renewable energies in the EWE networks!

EWE Business Fields

Energy for tomorrow

EWE is the first fully integrated group to bring together the expertise needed for the sustainable energy economy of the future in the key fields of energy, telecommunications and information technology. EWE operates mainly in the north of Germany, and is for the most part owned by local councils.

Press Releases
Job Opportunities
EWE TEL GmbH IT Tester (m/w) IT-Beratung/ Softwareentwicklung/ Systemmanagement Region: Oldenburg
EWE TEL GmbH Key Account Manager Carrier & Wholesale (m/w) Vertrieb/ Kundenservice Region: Oldenburg
EWE Aktiengesellschaft Gruppenleiter/-in Personal/ Recht/ Vertragsmanagement Region: Oldenburg

EWE wind farms, biogas, solar & hydropower plants supply households with green electricity

and more of the electricity in EWE’s network comes from renewable energies

around the Earth – this is how far our network would stretch if we were to lay it all out

rural households can use faster internet (VDSL) thanks to EWE

EWE Group

Where is EWE active?

The history of EWE is closely linked to the regions where it operates, and its idiosyncrasies. The majority is in municipal ownership, the Group has grown in areas that complement each other perfectly.

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