Storing energy - power in reserve

High-performance storage facilities are needed to be able to guarantee the reliable supply of weather-dependent renewable energies. EWE is trialling a number of different concepts, among them the large-scale hybrid storage facility in Varel.

Efficient, flexible and affordable energy storage

The share of renewable energies in our electricity mix has reached levels that, just a few decades ago, were believed to be unattainable. This is a challenge for the energy system, as electricity consumption does not always go along with the vagaries of the wind and weather. This is why it is becoming increasingly urgent to find ways of storing electricity – in an efficient, flexible and affordable way.
Large volumes of electricity from renewable energies are already flowing into EWE’s networks in the northwest today, sometimes more than can be consumed in the region. It is clear that energy storage will also play an important role here. EWE is on the search for solutions at different network levels and in different sizes.