Ten areas of action, ten goals – our strategy

Our sustainability strategy is based on the underlying economic, environmental and social conditions and our business model, which unites energy, telecommunications and information technology.

To identify the key topics, we have analysed not only our own assessment but also the expectations of our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and non-governmental organisations in 2013. These stakeholders are particularly important to our regional roots and have a major influence on our long-term success. Based on this analysis, ten areas of action have been identified for EWE.

Each area of action has a goal to be achieved by 2020 and a progression criterion that can be used to measure performance. We control this by taking various different steps aimed at achieving the goals.The EWE sustainability report documents our progress.

Scope of the report
The sustainability management is based on the consolidated data of the main companies, measured by strategic relevance and a coverage of at least 95 per cent of the sales generated by the EWE Group. Deviations from this accounting framework and other relevant information on the data are indicated in the sustainability report.