Health and occupational safety

Our objective: We maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

The health of our employees is our top priority. As an employer, we take responsibility for our employees by promoting their health and ensuring their safety as far as possible at work.

We measure the success of our initiatives via the Group health rate. It is the opposite of the absentee rate. We want to increase this to 97% by 2020. As 95.4% in 2015, the health rate was almost the same as the previous year’s value of 95.3%.

The fact that this is a positive result is highlighted by the counter-trend in Germany: nationwide, the health rate has been continuing to decrease over the past decade. Employees were off sick for an average of 17.3 days in 2015 . At EWE, this figure was 11.76 days. Additionally, the current economic challenges facing the energy industry are associated with internal restructuring that could have a negative impact on the health rate. The consistently high health rate motivates us on our path to expanding both our health management and safety at work initiatives.

Health management now centralised 

The central coordination point for health management, which was established in the holding company in 2014, has already implemented several measures in 2015. We created reports based on anonymised data obtained from our BKK EWE company health insurance fund. These reports provide information about specific symptoms at EWE AG and its major subsidiaries.

We hope to develop tailored strategies to avoid such symptoms on the basis of this information in partnership with management. Typical stresses for the individual roles are thus taken into account and the health of our employees is strengthened in a specific way. 

New programmes for healthy eating

One area of focus for our health management system is to create new ways to promote healthy eating. In 2015, for example, we launched our ‘After-work cooking’ seminar. It offers our employees the opportunity to learn important information about maintaining a balanced diet as part of a cookery evening headed by an external nutritional advisor.

In addition, in partnership with the building services management team, surveys were carried out among the guests at our canteens at various sites with the aim of integrating the requirements and needs of our staff. Based on the results, consistent requirements in terms of meal plans were determined, and canteen staff were trained in healthy eating where necessary.

Safety at work: Group-wide function guidelines launched 

As an energy company, EWE is subject to industry-specific risks such as dealing with gas-handling equipment and live electrical facilities. Our Group health, safety and environment department develops programmes to ensure occupational safety, to protect health and the environment, and to ensure the greatest possible degree of safety at work. It supports the companies’ management teams in compliance with legal requirements and other relevant regulations.  

In order to group together existing activities by the individual Group companies, we introduced the Group HSE guidelines in 2015. This comprises Group-wide regulations on occupational safety, health and the environment. 

Accidents subject to compulsory reporting

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