Regional responsibility

Our objective: Our activities make a significant contribution to the development of the region. 

  • Citizens and municipalities involved in ten turbines generating 30 MW
  • Project enera: Model region for the energy revolution
  • 280 sponsoring activities in 2015

As a predominantly municipal company, EWE assumes regional responsibility on principle. We actively seek dialogue with the people on site, work to promote science and education, culture, sport and society, and encourage the creation of value.

Each year, we review the effects of our work with a regionality index calculated using relevant statistics from the ‘Kundenfokus’ consumer survey, carried out by the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW). By 2020, we aim to score above the industrial average, which was 68 out of 100 in 2015. EWE and swb scored 76 together.

Alongside the people in the region 

In the past few years, EWE has positioned itself as a regionally strong partner to its customers via various dialogue-oriented communication methods. For the people in the region, this became visible through concrete participation opportunities. In collaboration with citizens, municipalities and landowners, for example, EWE is building new wind farms in the region. Additionally, we are giving cities and local authorities the chance to invest in our grid operators and earn guaranteed dividends.

Dossier Netzbeteiligung

Creating value 

EWE wants to establish the north-west of Germany as a flagship region for the energy revolution through the enera project. A consortium of 75 partners led by EWE won the bid to receive approximately EUR 50 million in funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, and will invest a further EUR 120 million in the project, some of which will remain in the region.

Around 280 sponsoring activities from EWE are contributing to the economic and cultural development of the regions. In addition to regional professional sport and major cultural events in its regions, EWE also supports lots of smaller local projects and associations.

Furthermore, in 2015, EWE set up a total of 170 wireless public networks in the north-west of Germany, Osnabrück and Bremen.

Taking social responsibility 

EWE champions social projects and education in its regions – for example, via the EWE Foundation. The swb education initiative provides up to EUR 110,000 every year for education projects in the state of Bremen.

In 2015, EWE provided EUR 250,000 to equip accommodation for asylum seekers with free Internet hotspots. The funds are enough for more than 160 hotspots.

Additionally, many of our employees choose to forego amounts of under one euro in their monthly payslips in order to support charity projects. This helped to raise money so we were able to donate EUR 26,000 in 2015 to 15 organisations helping refugees. At its own expense, EWE set up accommodation for refugees on its own land and allowed the city of Oldenburg to use it, just like the detached house belonging to the company in Westrhauderfehn.

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