Market and transparency

Our objective: We are trusted service providers for our customers and reliable contractual partners.

The trust and satisfaction of our customers are the basis for our economic business success. In order to strengthen both aspects and to remain attractive in an increasingly competitive environment, we rely on our high-quality service and transparent business processes.

The extent to which our customers perceive us as a good service provider and partner is measured via our customer loyalty index. This is based on four variables relevant to customer service: customer satisfaction, willingness to recommend, willingness to remain with the company, and comparison to the competition.

The customer loyalty index for the Energy business division is based on the results of the BDEW Customer Focus study (BDEW-Kundenfokus), a study by the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW). The score for the Telecommunications division was calculated for the first time in 2015 and is based on a customer satisfaction survey carried out by a market research institute on behalf of EWE.

With a value of 75, the Energy division improved by three points on 2014. This means we are above the industry average of 73 – and have already achieved our target value of 74 for 2020. In the Telecommunications division, we are also above the industry average with 75.6 points. We will strive to maintain this level in both divisions. 

Improved customer service in the Energy division

The goal of EWE VERTRIEB’s major ‘Customer service’ project, finalised in 2015, was to boost the quality of customer service in the Energy business. Therefore, our correspondence management system was optimised to enable us to process customer enquiries more quickly. Our employees have been trained in customer communication and customer letters have been made easier to understand.

These measures are paying off: according to the annual survey ‘BDEW Servicemonitor’ carried out by the German Association of Energy and Water Industries, our customer service has improved in almost all aspects compared to 2014. In particular, we improved customer satisfaction significantly over the telephone, a main contact channel. Customers gave the highest ratings to one-to-one advice at our service points and customer centres. 

Telecommunications division even more transparent 

With the help of customer surveys, we regularly identify room for improvement in our Telecommunications division – and make the necessary changes. In 2015, EWE TEL optimised its communications processes, for example: If a customer query cannot be resolved upon initial contact via telephone, we keep the customer informed of every step in processing the query.

In addition, the service for disruptions in supply as a result of storms was also improved. From 2016, customers can report disruptions to us using our hotline as well as online. 

Compliance regulations for transparent management 

We set out our business principles in the EWE Code of Conduct which was introduced in 2012. It provides guidance on how to avoid conflicts of interest, for example, as well as how to deal with business partners, gifts, and sensitive company information.

We are currently working to establish the Code of Conduct throughout the Group. One current area of focus is on our major international subsidiaries. Our Polish companies introduced the Code of Conduct in 2014 and our Turkish companies also brought it into force in early 2016.

Our employees are fully informed about the Code of Conduct and our compliance guidelines


Suppliers’ code introduced 

In order for us to be able to take full responsibility for our business activities even beyond the company itself, we introduced a suppliers’ code in 2015. It covers the principles of human rights and working conditions, occupational safety, health, the environment, and business integrity.

In order to ensure that compliance with the minimum wage legislation that entered into force in 2015 is not only maintained within the Group but also by suppliers, we obtained the relevant statements from our partners and integrated this aspect in the newly launched business partner audit.

Supply Chain

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