EWE venture capital

Unconditionally digital. Shape the future of energy with us.

To drive the energy revolution, EWE is constantly looking for new ideas – yours included! As corporate venture capitalists, we invest in start-ups that want to shape the future of the digitalised energy economy together.

Why EWE is a good partner for start-ups:
  • EWE plays a leading role in the energy revolution and in advancing digitalisation as one of Germany’s most innovative energy suppliers.
  • As a big player with businesses in the areas of network, energy, telecommunications, mobility and IT, we are present in many sectors and very well connected.
  • We have decades of experience dealing with sensitive customer information and can ensure that we always do this in the most confidential way. We carry this responsibility to new business models and see ourselves as pioneers.

    Our vision is to make digital utility and new business models a part of everyday life. We do this as venture capital investors in partnerships to which each party brings their own strengths.

Our investment areasHow we invest

Are you looking for the right investor for the next phase of your growth? These are our criteria:

  • We invest in validated business models that have proven themselves with their initial sales.
  • The product is scalable and not based on (your own) hardware.
  • You appreciate the advantages of value-add investment and are looking for tickets in the range of EUR 500,000 to EUR 5 million.

Our portfolioAlso of interest