Smart living – putting digitalisation into practice

Whether the legendary fridge that orders more milk itself will ultimately prevail on the market still remains to be seen. However, digitalisation will certainly make many household chores and work-related tasks much easier in the future when combined with smart hardware.

The starting point for many applications is the energy supply. Smart controlling makes it possible to reduce energy consumption, for instance by automatically turning down a radiator when the window is opened. Energy consumption also provides a lot of information which can be used in meaningful ways. An example here is having a warning sent by text message if the iron is still using electricity, even though the front door has been locked.

EWE explores new technologies and customer needs on an ongoing basis, turning such trends into products and services using modern, agile working methods and cooperating with start-ups.

So much of the future is already possible today

While the electric vehicle is connected to the safe and fast-charging wallbox in the carport, everything at home is ready and waiting: The central heating received a notification from the resident’s smartphone that they will be arriving soon and heats the living room to the desired room temperature. The scene in question is already being recorded. All appliances are powered from the EWE electricity storage facility in the cellar, which has been collecting solar energy produced during the day on the roof.

And should something go awry, for example if data stored on the notebook is lost or the roof is damaged, EWE’s home protection service is there to provide the right experts to help quickly and with a minimum of hassle.

Sounds like pie in the sky? These and other products and services are in fact available to you today, thanks to EWE.