High-grade gas for a warm home

In one of the largest infrastructure projects in the history of north-western Europe, EWE is currently switching the region to a new kind of natural high-grade gas, also called “h-gas”. With this project, EWE is securing a warm home and warm water for the future for all residents.

Nothing about the level of comfort that natural gas customers are used to will change. Consumers can usually continue to use their natural gas installations, such as their heating system and stove. Prior to converting a region to high-grade gas, EWE monitors all natural gas installations and makes any necessary technical modifications. This works for more than 98 per cent of all affected installations.

600,000 customers in the north-west affected

Background information: Within a few years, the Netherlands will be completely dropped as a supplier of the natural low-grade natural gas that has been used in our area until now. The reasons for the decision are declining extraction volumes in the Netherlands as well as earthquakes, which Dutch experts have attributed to gas extraction.
Several million consumers throughout Germany are affected by this decision; in the north-west alone there are approximately 600,000 customers. More than 40 gas network operators nationwide were given the job of adapting their regions to the alternative high-grade natural gas. In the north-west, this order went to EWE and its subsidiary EWE NETZ GmbH.