Financial and non-financial value drivers contribute to the success of our company.
We report how we create value – economic, ecological and societal value – by the
following resources: environment, plants and networks, know-how, employees,
social aspects and relationships and finance.


EWE strives to link economic success with responsibility for protecting nature and the environment. Therefore, we have introduced Group guidelines on environmental management and anchored the protection of nature and the environment in our code of conduct. This applies to our power plants, our conduct and our products.

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Plants and networks

Due to the energy revolution and especially the expansion of renewable energy, network operators are being forced to integrate many decentralised power plants into the network, some of which are dependent on the weather. Digitisation has given us the means of creating an intelligent energy system. In this regard, network operators are legally obliged “to, where economically reasonable, operate, maintain, optimise as necessary, strengthen and expand a secure, reliable and high-capacity energy supply network without discrimination”. Specifically, therefore, we are obliged to maintain network stability and security of supply.

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Energy, telecommunications and information technology provide a diverse field of work for an average of 9,134 employees in the EWE Group, 607 of whom work at EWE AG. Our success is the result of their skills and motivation. We rely on fair, appreciative collaboration and have set this standard down in the EWE code of conduct, with which EWE and all employees undertake to comply.

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Know How

One of the central issues in the German energy sector at the moment is how to respond to digitisation. Which companies will master the transformation process from analogue to digital and what concepts will they pursue? At EWE, it is a question of how rapidly and sustainably can we successfully integrate digital innovations into our current business model.

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Social aspects and relationships

EWE sees itself as an interface in a world of decentralized energy generation in which more and more energy customers are becoming energy producers. Our business is focused on the satisfaction and trust of our customers and partners. In a digital world, information security and data protection are growing in significance in the eyes of our customers.

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The energy industry is in a state of upheaval. The focus will shift to decentralised, renewable energy, investments in grid infrastructure and new digital customer solutions. Our vision is to build the leading energy company in northern Germany by 2026. We aim to fulfil our economic responsibility towards all of our stakeholders through prospective investments and long-term profitability.

Learn more in the Integrated Report 2017

Since 2016, EWE has published an integrated annual report, in which we combine our financial and sustainability reporting.