Sustainability – Integral to our strategy and our culture

We can only be successful as a company in the long term if our financial success is accompanied by the achievement of ecological and social goals. This is why sustainability isn’t just a box to tick for us, it is integral to our strategic focus and company culture. For many years, we have been working on a sustainable energy supply system. This is how we contribute to climate protection and ensure people are supplied with energy, mobility and communication.

What EWE does: our most important non-financial issues

As part of a materiality analysis, we regularly identify which non-financial issues are important to us and our stakeholders. There are currently four subject areas from which we derive improvement measures.


Icon Integrity

For us, entrepreneurial activity is synonymous with integrity and honest, lawful business operations. We are keenly aware that integrity is the material requirement for our commercial success and plays a part in reducing legal and economic risks.

Compliant conduct is therefore an essential foundation for the entire EWE Group that forms the basis for the trust and satisfaction of our customers and partners.

Furthermore, the increase in digitalisation means that data protection, information security and cybersecurity are playing a more and more important role. EWE places great value on ensuring that personal data is not misused and on preventing the unauthorised access of company data. We regard this as a crucial requirement for developing data-based business models and operating a secure, reliable and effective energy supply system.

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Icon Environment

Environmental issues, climate protection, and the prudent use of resources and of equally high importance to both society and the economy. As an energy provider, we bear a particular responsibility in this area and are therefore working continuously to achieve a climate-neutral energy supply. EWE is expressly committed to the goals of the Paris Agreement. For us, energy efficiency and renewable energies are the key to climate neutrality.

We continuously try to cut our internal energy consumption, minimise other adverse effects of our business activities on the environment, and promote biodiversity. In this way, we aim to combine our economic success with our responsibility for protecting the environment and the climate.

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EWE wants to shape the energy revolution with innovative approaches. Learn more here.

Alterric, a joint venture between the Aloys Wobben Stiftung and the EWE AG, promotes climate-friendly energy generation.


Icon Employees

EWE’s long-term success as a company depends on the passion, commitment, expertise and health of our employees. As a result, it is particularly important to prioritise fair and attractive working conditions, maintain a HR strategy that meets the needs of today and provide opportunities for further training.

In addition, we have set high standards to promote the health of our employees and provide them with a working environment conducive to their health and well-being.

We value responsive and fair cooperation and have laid down this requirement in our Code of Conduct, which our companies are committed to, as are our employees.

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Customers and social involvement

Icon Customers and social involvement

We consider our infrastructure to be the backbone of our future business. This includes both the security of supply of electricity and gas to our customers and the broadband network expansion that will enable digital participation for the people in our regions.

Our success as a business primarily depends on how satisfied our customers are with our products and service quality. At a time of stiff and increasing competition, retaining the loyalty of our customers far beyond the mere service obligation is our key asset.

Thanks to its decades of business activity and regional focus, EWE has strong roots in the Ems/Weser/Elbe, Brandenburg and West Pomerania-Rügen regions, where it plays a central role in local economic and political life. Our aim is to be regarded as a trustworthy expert partner and to contribute to the diversity and development of our regions.

As an employer, taxpayer, investor and service provider, we influence the lives and businesses of people and we know that every decision we make as a company has direct and indirect economic effects on our regions – prompting us to take responsibility for those regions.

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EWE wants to shape the energy revolution with innovative approaches. Learn more here.

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