EWE TEL GmbH is one of the biggest regional providers of telecommunications services in Germany. As a 100 per cent-subsidiary of EWE AG, EWE TEL offers end users and business customers in northwest Germany high-speed internet, fixed line- and mobile communications, online TV and high-end business solutions. The full service provider runs a large network of service- and customer centres. EWE TEL is highly active in running and extending its own regional broadband network. Whether through direct glass fibreconnections, VDSLtechnology, or Wi-Fi – the EWE subsidiary provides fast internet, benefitting hundreds of towns and cities in northwest Germany profit from this engagement. As one of the pioneers of broadband network expansion in northwest Germany, EWE TEL has constructed an extensive fibre optic network in recent years. To supply even more households with home fibre connections, EWE and Telekom Deutschland have established the joint venture Glasfaser Nordwest. This venture will be investing EUR 2 billion in fibre-optic expansion in EWE TEL’s marketing area of northwest Germany over the next ten years and assuming full responsibility for autonomous network expansion. The connections will continue to be marketed by EWE TEL and other providers. EWE TEL will continue to take part in tenders for subsidised broadband network expansion.  

The parent company, EWE AG, combines energy-, telecommunications- and IT-services under one roof, and is one of the forerunners in Germany offering combined energy- and telecommunications solutions around the home.

EWE TEL GmbH, seated in Oldenburg, Germany was founded in September 1996. The company holds 100 per cent of shares in BREKOM GmbH, Bremen, Telta Citynetz GmbH, Eberswalde and nordcom Niedersachsen GmbH, Oldenburg.
BREKOM GmbH serves its customers with comprehensive solutions in the areas of IT, telecommunications and building security. The city of Bremen in northwest Germany is among BREKOM’s customers.
Telta Citynetz GmbH Eberswalde offers end users and business customers telephone, internet and data management services.
The project company nordcom Niedersachsen GmbH implements modernisation measures to Lower Saxony’s state network.

Key data (excluding associated companies)
  • Board of Directors: Ludwig Kohnen, Maximilian Oertle, Norbert Westfal   

Contact information:
Cloppenburger Str. 310
26133 Oldenburg, Germany

T +49 800 3932000
F +49 441 8000 - 1999