EWE TEL GmbH is the EWE Group's telecommunications service provider. The company is one of Germany's largest regional providers. EWE TEL GmbH provides business and private customers in Lower Saxony, Bremen and parts of Brandenburg and North Rhine-Westphalia with high-speed internet, mobile and landline telephony, online TV and premium business customer solutions. EWE TEL is at the forefront of expanding broadband access in the region. The company is usually the first to provide high-speed internet access, particularly in rural areas. EWE TEL's internet portal ( lets the company's customers register their interest in expanding broadband access. Local authorities can also use the portal to contact EWE TEL to find out about financing and funding opportunities and partnerships.

EWE TEL GmbH, based in Oldenburg, Germany, was established in September 1996 as a wholly owned subsidiary of EWE AG. The company owns 100 per cent shares in Business Communication Company GmbH, BREKOM GmbH, Telta Citynetz GmbH and nordcom Niedersachsen GmbH.

  • Business Communication Company GmbH, based in Wolfsburg, Germany, implements and operates nationwide communication networks for business customers on the basis of a high-performance fibre optic network which allows broadband connections of up to 40 GBit/s.
  • BREKOM GmbH, based in Bremen, Germany, provides its customers with comprehensive information technology, telecommunications and building security solutions.
  • Telta Citynetz GmbH, based in Eberswalde, Germany, provides private and business customers with telephony, internet and data management services.
  • The project company nordcom Niedersachsen GmbH implements services related to the modernisation of the Lower Saxony state network.
Key data 2014 (excluding associated companies)
  • Board of Directors: Sebastian Jurczyk, Ludwig Kohnen, Norbert Westfal
  • Employees: 1,230
  • Sales: €427.8 million

Contact information:
Cloppenburger Str. 310
26133 Oldenburg, Germany

T 0800 010 1400
F +49 441 8000 - 1999