Gastransport Nord GmbH

Gastransport Nord GmbH (GTG) is the EWE Group’s independent transport network operator. The company is responsible for a low-grade gas pipeline network covering some 320 kilometres in northwest Germany. GTG's core business includes marketing transport capacities and constructing and operating its pipeline network, which has over 70 network coupling points. At the border crossing in Oude Statenzijl in the Netherlands, GTG connects the pipeline network to the European natural gas network. GTG's network is part of the GASPOOL market area, where the company is the market area-wide network operator.

Gastransport Nord GmbH, based in Oldenburg, Germany, was founded in March 2012. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of EWE AG.

Key data 
  • Director: Kay Borchelt

Contact information:
Gastransport Nord GmbH
Cloppenburger Straße 363
26133 Oldenburg, Germany
T: +49 441 20980-101
F: +49 441 20980-109