EWE is well positioned for the future of energy. As an operator of Europe's safest electricity and gas networks and a pioneer in the fields of wind energy and biogas, EWE has the energy, telecommunications and IT expertise required for intelligent energy supply systems. Employees across the Group are committed to providing people in the region with climate-friendly energy.

In order to safeguard the supply of electricity and heating in the future and to protect the climate, EWE invests in expanding the use of renewable energies, such as onshore and offshore wind power and biogas processing. EWE is also heavily involved in research and development.

In addition to its many years of experience in the electricity market, EWE's pioneering work in the German natural gas market has given the company an important position in a variety of value-creation steps – to complement its activities in trading, transport and sales, the Group also operates a number of natural gas storage facilities.

EWE AG, based in Oldenburg, Germany, is the EWE Group's holding company. It manages the subsidiaries and their activities. The company is influenced considerably by local communities – 21 cities and districts in the Ems/Weser/Elbe region hold shares in EWE AG through Ems-Weser-Elbe Versorgungs- und Entsorgungsverband. EWE has become a significant economic force in its core region due to its deep roots in the area and its long-standing ties with business, municipal and private customers. Building on these solid foundations, EWE is also active in Poland through a subsidiary.


Key data 2015
  • Board of Management: Stefan Dohler (CEO), Michael Heidkamp, Dr. Urban Keussen, Wolfgang Mücher, Marion Rövekamp

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