Our strategic focus areas 

We are not waiting for change to happen, we are bringing it about More digital, smarter, more decentralised, more customer-centered – to us, these are not just general trends, but tangible fields of action in which we employ our strengths and bring to the table long-standing experiences. At the same time, we set sails for new terrains supporting this course and expanding our horizon. Last but not least, change always is an invitation to scruitinise the own ways of doing things and keep learning.

Hence, our corporate strategy focuses on five fields to create the best supply infrastructure and offerings for tomorrow – for, but not just in, Germany's North.

First area of action: We will grow in new regions and business areas 

We want to achieve profitable growth, both in Germany and abroad, supporting us on our path. This means expanding our own infrastructure on the one hand, and entering new business areas and acquiring new customers on the other.

Thus we will pursue organic growth, acquisitions and partnerships with strategic partners alike. At the same time, we will systematically discontinue activities that do not tally with our strategic priorities.

Second area of action: We will systematically seize the opportunities offered by digitisation

Using the potential of digital technologies, we will offer our customers tailored products and services that generate added value.

We will utilise the increasing possibilities of data transparency and automation to advance our infrastructure, trade and applications in order to be more efficient and develop new business models.

To consolidate our position as a trailblazer in the area of smart grids, we will further expand innovative measurement and control technology in order to make more intelligent use of our infrastructure and to make the German energy turnaround more efficient. We make our expertise in this area available above and beyond our own networks.

By modernising our internal IT structures and processes, we will lay the foundations for a comprehensive transformation of the company. Together with our employees, we will develop the new EWE for tomorrow’s working world.

Third area of action: We will focus on our customers and generate added value above and beyond supplying energy 

We aim to impress our customers with innovative products that provide unique added value and convince with price and performance alike.

On top of covering our customers’ sustainable supply needs with electricity, gas and telecommunications, we offer innovative solutions that make life simpler and more convenient – from insurance services to alternative mobility.

We help companies and municipalities to overcome the challenges inherent to the energy turnaround and digitisation, and to exploit the opportunities in these areas.

Fourth area of action: We will provide the blueprint for a successful energy turnaround which is intelligent and decentralised

In Germany's Northwest, we are leading the field today when it comes to implementing the Energy Turnaround: with as high a proportion of renewables as the federal government plans for 2050, we operate Europe's most reliable networks, and continue to develop innovative approaches for more efficiency and smartness in tomorrow's supply systems.

Building on this strong foundation,we will establish ourselves as the experienced partner when it comes to tomorrow’s decentralised and sustainable energy world, helping others to successfully manage the transformation process.

What concerns our own infrastructure, we will focus on the expansion of onshore wind energy nation-wide, keep a heavy investment emphasis on smart grids and enter the field of large-scale electricity storage facilities.

Fifth area of action: We will boost our efficiency in all business areas

We will establish comprehensive cost transparency and will rise to the challenge of competition all along the value and process chain. This will enable us to become more streamlined, quicker and more affordable. Among other measures, we will simplify our company structures, eliminate duplicated structures and modernise our systems and processes. In addition, we will implement financial and balance sheet management that supports and promotes EWE’s growth path.

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