Long-term growth on the Bosporus

Germany’s energy market offers only limited scope for growth. In particular, sales in the gas market are gradually falling. As a result, EWE is also active in international growth regions. Turkey is one of the fastest expanding energy markets in the world and is also a key hub for Europe’s energy supply in its position as an energy transit country.

By founding EWE Turkey Holding in 2007 (before October 2012: EWE Enerji), the Group has been able to position itself strongly in Turkey. The focus here is on supplying and trading natural gas and electricity and providing energy services. EWE Turkey Holding is the majority shareholder in Turkey’s third largest gas provider, Bursagaz, situated in the city of Bursa and in the regional gas provider Kayserigaz in the industrial centre of Kayseri. Both companies are building a modern natural gas infrastructure in their regions, as well as concentrating heavily on sales with a view to persuading ever more households and companies to convert to low-emissions natural gas. Today, EWE is supplying natural gas to over 866,000 customers in Turkey.

EWE is active throughout the country as a supplier for industrial customers, power plants and local utilities with EWE Enerji (before October 2012: EWE Doğalgaz), one of the five largest energy trading companies in the Turkish gas market. Since 2014, EWE Enerji also supplies electricity by using its existing market positions.

Enervis Enerji Servis A.S, an energy service company of EWE Turkey group established in 2012, focusses on metering, calibration and provides services in energy efficiency. Enervis has become one of the leading energy efficiency consulting companies in the Turkish market.

In 2016 EWE acquired the telecommunications company Millenicom based in Istanbul. Millenicom is one of the strong alternative operators in the liberalised telecommunications sector offering telecommunications products and services to corporate and retail customers. Hence, EWE opens up further growth opportunities and will be able to offer telecommunications and energy products under one roof.

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