Synergy networks in northwest Germany

EWE’s roots lie in northwest Germany. The Oldenburg-based energy provider has been active between the Ems and the Weser rivers since the 1930s. In 1998, it expanded to the Elbe. Because most of the region is sparsely populated, the Group has acquired a great deal of experience in providing energy and telecommunications across a widespread area.

EWE began providing natural gas to northwest Germany as early as the 1950s, the first such supply in Germany. Proximity to the coast and the characteristic farming in this region also made it possible for the company to pioneer work with wind power and biomass. In this way, EWE acquired early expertise that has now become crucial to the decentralised structures of producing energy from renewable sources. Moreover, the Group is active beyond the coastline, leading a consortium to construct Germany’s first offshore wind farm, alpha ventus. Stormy weather conditions that are commonplace in the north led to the region’s electricity network being laid underground – making it one of the most secure networks in Europe. Furthermore, EWE’s telecommunications infrastructure also has its roots in the northwest. Setting up high-speed internet connections swiftly is a key prerequisite for intelligent energy systems, which the Group is testing in Cuxhaven in the eTelligence smart grid field test. EWE also provides wastewater services in various parts of Lower Saxony.

EWE demonstrates local expertise though a close-knit network of professionals and service points as well as through close cooperation with local tradespeople. For example, EWE trains technicians how to work with the energy and communication technologies of tomorrow at the Zentrum Zukunft in Emstek.