Modern infrastructure for Brandenburg and Rügen

EWE has been active in Brandenburg, northern West Pomerania and on Rügen
since 1990, having developed a modern energy infrastructure in the new
federal state and on the island. Jobs were created when the supply of
natural gas was built up, and the location’s attractiveness to companies
has grown. In its position as a multi-service provider, EWE now also
supplies electricity and telecommunication services to these areas as

A new infrastructure goes hand-in-hand with providing detailed advice to customers when developing and using advanced energy supply systems. EWE supports Germany’s largest island in the bioenergy region Rügen project, for instance. The company analyses the electricity and heat consumption of properties on the island and advises the administration on how to reduce consumption. EWE’s biogas processing plant in Sagard makes it possible for Rügen to use renewable energies for heating. The large rural expanses of Brandenburg and Rügen are perfectly suited for plant material, a key reason why the company constructed Europe’s largest biogas feed-in facility in Schwedt, Brandenburg.