Connecting people successfully

The telecommunications market is extremely dynamic and competitive. There is a need here for technological innovations, efficient products and comprehensive advisory services. This is reflected in the clear trend towards bundled products that combine internet, landline and mobile telephones. Smartphones, tablet computers and the associated range of apps bring additional dynamism to the mobile telephone market. Services such as online TV and cloud computing, which involve the transfer of increasingly large volumes of data, result in an ever-growing demand for faster internet connections.

EWE is well equipped to deal with the current and future challenges posed by the telecommunications market. As a comprehensive service provider, the Group companies provide a full range of modern services: landlines, high-speed internet connections and mobile communications, along with content services like music downloads. In addition, there is the possibility to watch TV over the internet. In the business customer segment, companies can have their entire communications infrastructure operated by EWE – from data centres through to web-based telephony – and make use of many secure online services. Numerous local service points help the Group to stay close to its customers.