Turning data into knowledge

Being able to transfer data quickly is vital for all of the interactions involved in modern energy supply systems. However, only once the data transferred has been processed can the information contained there be used to control networks, generation and consumption efficiently. In this way, it is also possible to show customers how to use energy optimally. In order to be prepared for these tasks, EWE founded the subsidiary BTC in 2000. Today, this company is one of the foremost providers of information technology services in Germany, with additional offices abroad.

The focus of BTC’s range of services for business customers is on consulting, system integration and application- as well as systems management.

For the energy industry, BTC provides services and solutions along the whole value chain, for all market roles ranging from sales to gateway administration. This includes products to control and coordinate decentralised power generation, geo-information systems and solutions for billing and enterprise resource management.

In the telecommunications branch, BTC offers products and services for the analysis and continuous optimisation of business processes and their model-based execution. 

In addition, the company provides a range of innovative offers for the industry, services and public sector.