Expertise in water

Reliable water management is a key requirement for every community and every company. Companies in the EWE Group cover the entire scope of water management in many towns and districts in northwest Germany: drinking water supply, wastewater disposal, measurement and control technology and consulting.

The Group subsidiary EWE WASSER and hanseWasser are responsible for disposing of and purifying wastewater. 22 sewage systems works in Bremen and Lower Saxony process used water and return it to a level of quality which more than meets all legal thresholds for pollutants. The resulting effluent sludge is so clean that it has been certified by QLA, a quality assurance system developed for organic waste, meaning that it can be used as fertiliser in agriculture.

Based on their expertise, the EWE Group companies also provide advice to local councils and other operators on how to manage modern water management plants efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. Sophisticated measurement and control technology can be used here to coordinate and optimise processes between different facilities. Given that sewage works are among the largest consumers of electricity in the municipality, energy needs can be drastically reduced by efficiency-raising measures.

Group companies are also involved in supplying drinking water in Bremen and parts of Lower Saxony.