Wisely chosen cycles deliver energy

The population density of a large city offers excellent opportunities for local circulation. Household and industrial waste can be used effectively by being incinerated to produce low-emissions energy. Two power plants owned by the EWE Group subsidiary swb in Bremen operate entirely according to this principle.

The Bremen waste incineration power plant uses waste with a low gross calorific value, first and foremost household waste. It generates both base-load electricity and heat by means of efficient combined heat and power for the University of Bremen, the technology park and a neighbouring residential area. The 2013 redesign has tripled the electricity output without increasing CO 2 -emissions.

The solid recovered fuel power plant at the port of Bremen processes high gross calorific value waste from non-recyclable paper, plastic, wood and packaging leftovers, generating electricity for over 90,000 households. Around half of the waste here comes from plant-based sources and is therefore CO 2 -neural when burned.