Customised energy and services

Changing demands for energy products are the result of greater environmental awareness and more intense competition, as well as rising energy prices in the global markets. Customers would like to have environmentally friendly energy sources, more flexible offers and more efficient services. Though a strong regional proximity to their customers via numerous local customer centres, EWE companies recognised this trend early on and have developed a suitable, attractive range of products.

With the combination of the energy, telecommunications and information technology business areas, EWE customers are able to receive electricity and gas as well as telephone and internet services from one source. Furthermore, the Group brings together all technologies to create holistic product concepts. An example here is the EWE EQOO smart storage, enabling home owners to meet 70% of their energy needs with their own photovoltaics installation while remote-controlling the energy system via Web portal or App. Other examples include the "Sparpaket Heizung" a solution for intelligent automation and remote control of home heating, and the "Energiemanager App" for tracking and benchmarking energy consumption.

The Group has been setting store by environmentally sensitive offers long before the current trend towards green products. As the first energy provider in Germany, EWE offered a blanket alternative to coal and crude oil in the form of lower-emissions natural gas. Also for mobility, as the company established the leading network of natural gas stations in Germany early on. EWE is also a leading player in the e-mobility space in Northwest Germany. In Bremen, swb provides one in six households with resource-saving district heating. Thanks to its biogas processing plant, the Group was one of the first providers in Germany to offer heat from renewable sources. The first provider of green electricity in north Germany, NaturWatt, was founded by EWE in 1998. After the integration of the company into EWE VERTRIEB GmbH in 2014, the NaturWatt products continue to empower municipal utilities entering the green energy market.

Services that reduce both consumption and emissions increase the range of products and services offered by EWE. The Group has been giving advice on how to save energy locally since the 1980s, which has now been extended by internet services such as the Energiesparkonto (energy savings account), which won an award from the German Energy Agency. This service gives households the opportunity to track their consumption and benchmark it against other households. Furthermore, the Group also helps companies to implement a certified energy management and reduce their carbon footprint. EWE calculates the amount of pollutants emitted by industrial facilities and draws up measures to optimise their emissions. The "Intelligent Load Manager" enables factories to reduce their energy cost by flexibly shifting capacities to times with high supply of wind and solar energy. EWE also makes it easier for households, companies and communities to switch to more efficient technologies with its broad range of contracting services – be it heating systems, district heating or lighting systems. Furthermore, the Group helps with portfolio management for industrial companies and municipal utilities by making its extensive expertise in energy procurement available to them.

The customer is at the heart of EWE's sales activities. In over 50 municipalities, the company provides services, consulting and events around its energy offerings on-site in customer centres and permanent as well as mobile service points. Since 2011, Customer Councils in the sales regions Weser-Ems, Weser-Elbe and Brandenburg/Rugia provide feedback and suggestions for improvement, thus helping EWE to further advance its products, customer relations and transparency.