Stephan Meyer-Bergfeld

Moving forward with the wind at our backs

Wind power is a central pillar in the sustainable energy supply of tomorrow. It has enormous potential, particularly in the wind-swept north of Germany. For this reason, EWE continues to remain a trendsetter in using this renewable energy source.

The Group began investing in wind power as early as the 1980s and built Europe’s largest wind farm in East Frisia in 1990. Today, EWE operates the largest wind power facility in the world with 7.5 megawatts and operates wind parks on- and offshore.

For the generation of large amounts of electricity, offshore wind power offers huge potential. EWE is the leading partner behind Germany’s first offshore wind farm, alpha ventus, completed in 2009. Its wind turbines are located 60 km offshore at a sea depth of 30 metres. In 2013, the Group has built an own, even bigger, offshore wind park, RIFFGAT, to the northwest of Borkum. This first commercial wind park in the German North Sea produces electricity for 120,000 households. The Group is marketing its know-how in constructing and operating facilities at sea through an own consulting enterprise .

EWE has over 25 years of experience in onshore wind energy. The focus for the further expansion of onshore wind power is on joint ventures with municipalities and citizens. Various projects are being developed and implemented. The first windpark built and operated in collaboration with the local community was completed in Spolsen, Lower Saxony, in 2013.