Technology for a bright future

While the potential of solar energy is virtually unlimited, it constitutes only a very small part of Germany’s current electricity mix. The path to increasing the extent to which solar energy is used is through more efficient and cost-effective technologies. EWE has the necessary expertise to actively shape the next technological drive in the field of photovoltaics – for example through developing more effective and lower cost solar modules in EWE’s research centre NEXT ENERGY.

The Group has been focusing on technically sophisticated and innovative solar energy projects since as early as the mid-1990s. This is why, for instance, there are panels which move around the complete outer façade of the EWE Arena in Oldenburg, depending on the position of the sun, thereby making optimum use of the sunlight. A system integrated into the noise protection wall extending along highway 31 demonstrates ways in which such areas can be put to optimal use. Furthermore, the Group’s conversion of Bremen’s Weser stadium has created Germany’s largest photovoltaics system integrated into a building – around 16,000 square metres of solar cells have been installed on the roof as well as on the south and east-facing façades of the stadium.