The flow of electricity

Hydroelectric power is yet another part of the sustainable energy supply as a permanently available source of energy. The potential of this renewable energy source in Germany has already been largely tapped. This makes it even more important to use it intelligently. The EWE Group is actively involved in two power plants that work according to different holistic concepts.

The largest and most modern hydroelectric power plant in north Germany was built in Bremen. The Weser power plant, in which EWE has a 50 per cent share through its subsidiary swb, uses differences in the water level brought on through tidal changes when generating electricity and has a range of innovative solutions to protect fish with comprehensive aids for climbing and descending. This modern power plant thus raises the bar for hydroelectric power plants of this size.

The Hunte power plant in Oldenburg was built in 1927 and has been operated by EWE since 2010. A historically protected building, both architecturally and technologically, it can manage water flows intelligently using state-of-the-art technology. Aside from generating energy, this plant also helps to prevent flooding. In cooperation with the state of Lower Saxony, water levels in the Hunte and Mühlenhunte rivers and the Küsten canal are regulated by the Hunte power plant.