Stephan Meyer-Bergfeld

Clean energy from the farm

 Biomass is renewable and does not generate additional CO 2 emissions when burned. This makes it a viable source of sustainable energy in rural areas and can serve to strengthen farming activities in the respective region. EWE is a competent partner in making organic matter useful for supplying energy – be it for heat, electricity or mobility.

To this end, the Group constructed north Germany’s first processing plant from which biogas can be fed into the natural gas network in 2002. Today, the Group operates 10 processing plants, placing it among the important processed-biogas producers in Germany.

Biogas fed into the natural gas network is used by households and companies for heating. This helps to reduce their carbon footprint, as is the case for the numerous natural gas filling stations in EWE’s supply area. In addition, this CO 2 -neutral energy source is used in combined heat and power (CHP) plants, where electricity and district heating is generated. Over 60 per cent of the energy employed in EWE's CHP plants and over 10 per cent of the fuel at EWE's gas stations comes from biogas.

In addition to the Group's activities in biogas processing, EWE also produces raw biogas in 6 facilities.

Information about our biogas plants:
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