Stephan Meyer-Bergfeld

Pioneering sustainable energy production

Wind, water, sun and biogas are sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources. To use them in the most comprehensive and efficient way, new technologies need to be enhanced as quickly as possible – a task that requires technical expertise and a pioneering spirit. EWE is one of Germany’s trendsetters in this respect. The Group has long been involved in the production of energy using wind power by virtue of the geographical conditions of the north, where the wind blows strong.

As early as the 1980s, EWE was one of Germany’s first commercial operators of wind farms and today operates many onshore wind parks. The further expansion is also carried out in joint projects with citizens and municipalities. EWE also is a pioneer in offshore wind energy - as works manager of Germany’s first offshore wind farm, alpha ventus, and the driving force behin Riffgat, the first commercial wind park in the German North Sea. The Group is internationally marketing its know-how in building and operating wind farms at sea to third parties.

In rural areas, Biogas is an obvious choice and energy source. EWE was the first company in north Germany to be able to feed energy from renewable raw materials into the natural gas network thanks to biogas processing plants, thereby opening up new opportunities for sustainable heat and mobility solutions. The group operates several facilities and adds processed biogas to the mix for its thermal power stations and natural gas filling stations.

As far as photovoltaics and wind power is concerned, EWE has developed specific, technically sophisticated solutions: Bremen’s Weser stadium was converted into a model energy-producing building with the construction of Germany’s largest photovoltaics system to be integrated into a building.