Intelligently and securely linked

The network infrastructure is a key factor in ensuring the reliable and efficient supply of energy. The network must link a variety of producers and users together as well as always ensuring sufficient energy on site thanks to the optimum flow of information. The EWE networks, which are bundled in the Group subsidiary EWE NETZ, are among the most modern, efficient and secure networks in Europe. With a yearly downtime of 4.5 minutes, our electricity network is about twice as reliable as the German average. Alltogether, the EWE Group operates over 94,000 km of electricity-, and about 63,000 km of natural gas networks.

Sophisticated technology represents the key to excellent supply quality. The majority of EWE’s electricity network has been laid underground – a complex solution which all but eliminates the risk of disruptions caused by external factors such as bad weather. EWE operated Germany’s first ever natural gas network. Moreover, this network was the first to use pipes made of particularly hard-wearing and long-lasting plastic. Numerous control points and network experts, together with ongoing supervision by modern network control centres, ensure that the entire network infrastructure can be controlled flawlessly.

The strong position of the Group in the energy, telecommunications and information technology business areas is particularly valuable to ensuring smooth network management. Innovative IT systems are developed in-house and the electricity networks increasingly equipped with telecommunications technology for them to be controlled even more precisely and flexibly.

This connection is a key prerequisite for smart grids, which can react flexibly to fluctuations when generating wind and solar power. EWE began laying the foundations for energy and telecommunications networks to be linked together as early as the 1980s, two areas which are now coordinated under one roof. For instance, pipes to set up a high-speed telecommunications network were laid together with the natural gas network.