Security of supply from below

Storing natural gas over an extended period of time offers a number of key advantages. In this way, possible disruptions to natural gas production or to upstream suppliers can be mitigated, thereby safeguarding security of supply. At the same time, gas storage makes it possible to purchase gas in similar volumes throughout the year, achieving cost savings as a result. Consequently, considerable variations in consumption – which can be up to ten times higher on a cold day in the winter than during the summer holidays – can be evened out while the costs remain the same.

EWE has been operating underground natural gas storage facilities since the late 1970s. These store gas in caverns which are created in naturally-occurring salt domes according to strict environmental and safety criteria. Currently, EWE uses storage facilities in Huntorf, in the district of Wesermarsch, in Nüttermoor, East Frisia, and in Rüdersdorf near Berlin. Additional storage facilities are under construction in Jemgum, East Frisia. swb operates a storage facility in Bremen-Lesum.

EWE GASSPEICHER, a subsidiary, markets storage solutions in a transparent and anti-discriminatory fashion.