Designed for efficiency and reliability

The ultimate goal for the future is to have an energy supply which gets all of its energy from renewable sources. Until this goal is technically and commercially viable, our energy supply systems continue to be dependent on conventional generation methods. After all, while the availability of wind and solar power depends on the weather, conventional plants can provide electricity and heat on a continual basis – meaning that they can make up for fluctuations that arise when using renewable energies. Particularly for industries which need great amounts of energy around the clock – such as steelworks or the railroad – conventional power generation is still necessary as it guarantees reliable availability.

In the EWE Group, conventional energy production is ensured by the Bremen subsidiary swb. The plants use primarily combined heat and power technology. In this method, any waste heat arising during the production of electricity is used to heat water, which in turn is then used to heat households and provide process heating for industrial use. In addition to coal, waste and gas are also used to generate electricity. All swb power plants are equipped with modern environmental technology, helping them to comfortably observe all legal thresholds for emissions.

In order to supplement renewable energies optimally, particular emphasis is placed on ensuring the flexibility of the plants. In addition to upgrading existing power plants so that they can be started up and shut down more quickly, the gas and steam turbine power plant currently under construction will set a milestone here. The natural gas-fired plant will be running with the highest possible degree of efficiency for conventional power plants and can compensate precisely for fluctuations in wind and solar power.