EWE TEL – A strong partner for internet, landline, mobile phone and TV

EWE TEL GmbH is the high-performing telecommunications service provider in the EWE Group and one of the largest regional telecommunications service providers in Germany. The company offers internet, landline, mobile phone and online TV, as well as corporate customer solutions and computing centre services to about 600,000 customers.

Particular strengths of EWE TEL include the numerous regional contact partners, on-site service and attractive packages for telecommunications and energy products. Moreover, the company is heavily involved in extending the broadband network and is investing in the company-owned fibre optic network, making it better placed to offer high-speed internet connections to more rural areas via VDSL (very high speed digital subscriber line).

EWE TEL GmbH, based in Oldenburg, Germany, was established in September 1996 as a wholly owned subsidiary of EWE. Its services are available in the Ems/Weser/Elbe regions and East Westphalia-Lippe under the brand name “EWE”, in Bremen and Bremerhaven under the brand name “swb” and in the Osnabrück region under the brand name “osnatel”. The company also has 100 per cent shareholdings in the telecommunications companies BCC (Brunswick), BREKOM (Bremen), Telta (Eberswalde) and Nordcom Niedersachsen (Hannover).

BREKOM GmbH was preceded by the Telecommunication Central Office of the Hanseatic City of Bremen and has been a subsidiary of EWE TEL GmbH since 2002. Over one hundred employees look after business customers from every sector, as well as institutions and authorities, from the head office in Bremen and the branch office in Paderborn. BREKOM offers comprehensive solutions in the fields of information technology, telecommunications and building security. Quality solutions that correspond to individual needs are the result of long-term cooperations with customers and partners based on trust.

BCC (Business Communication Company GmbH) has been a key part of the telecommunications and information technology business area in the EWE Group since 2007. Founded in 1997, the company plans, implements and operates communication networks for business customers throughout Germany. In addition to its head office in Wolfsburg, the company also has offices in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. The services provided by BCC are made possible technically by the highly efficient fibre optic network, which enables broadband connection speeds of up to 40 GBit/s.

In Eberswalde, Telta Citynetz GmbH offers telephone, internet and data management services to households and businesses.

EWE TEL GmbH is a member of the German industry associations VATM (telecommunications and value-added services) and BREKO (broadband communications). 

Key figures and data (2012; without associated companies)
  • Management team: Konrad Meier, Dirk Brameier, Norbert Westfal, Ulf Heggenberger
  • Employees: 1,316
  • Sales: €431.1 million

Contact information:
Cloppenburger Str. 310
26133 Oldenburg, Germany

T 0800 010 1400
F +49 441 8000 - 1999
Email: info@ewe.de