Climate protection – Energy for sustainability

Sustainability and climate protection are key challenges for the energy industry. In order to overcome these, EWE sets store by energy end-use efficiency, reducing consumption and renewable energies. In addition, the Group is involved in a range of different activities to raise awareness of the issue of climate protection.

Together with the district of Emsland, emissions trading for private households was tested over a period of three years, rewarding reductions in CO2 emissions. This project was able to save 427 tonnes of CO2 emissions, with scientific support, and gave rise to the “CO2 premium” for private households. Increases in energy end-use efficiency also hold great potential. As a result, EWE and the Group subsidiary swb are encouraging households to purchase energy-saving appliances and low-emission natural gas-powered vehicles. The Group runs town-hall meetings with companies and local councils to share information about successful efficiency policies and awards prizes for outstanding solutions – such as the Bremen North West Environment Award sponsored by swb. Awareness of the issue of renewable energies can be raised in places where many people come together. Large-scale events such as Christmas markets and the Breminale in Bremen are therefore provided with eco-power by swb. Moreover, EWE is encouraging schools to make their roofs available for photovoltaics systems with the project “sonnenklar”.