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Climate protection – Energy for sustainability

Sustainability and climate protection are key challenges for the energy industry. In order to overcome these, EWE sets store by energy end-use efficiency, reducing consumption and renewable energies. In addition, the Group is involved in a range of different activities to raise awareness of the issue of climate protection.

Together with the district of Emsland, emissions trading for private households was tested over a period of three years, rewarding reductions in CO2 emissions. This project was able to save 427 tonnes of CO2 emissions, with scientific support.

Increases in energy end-use efficiency also hold great potential. As a result, EWE and the Group subsidiary swb are incentivising households to purchase energy-saving appliances and are leading players in building up the infrastructure for alternative propulsions for mobility. The Group runs town-hall meetings with companies and local councils to share information about successful efficiency policies and awards prizes for outstanding solutions – such as the Bremen North West Environment Award sponsored by swb.

Awareness of the issue of renewable energies can be raised in places where many people come together. Large-scale events such as Christmas markets and the Breminale in Bremen are therefore provided with eco-power by swb. Moreover, EWE is encouraging schools to make their roofs available for photovoltaics systems with the project “sonnenklar”.